Saroha USA

Berta Manurung

Berta was born on October 14, 1968 in a small town called Duri in Riau province. She is the eldest of 5 (five) in her family. She spent most of her school years in that city, and attended University of Riau, Pekanbaru. She learned about Batak culture from her family where her parents still adhere to Batak culture and customs.

Singing and cooking are two of her favorite hobbies. Since in kindergarten she often performed to sing Batak songs in events at schools, church, even at work’s functions.

In 2001 Berta moved to Jakarta and work in an oil company and further her study at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta. She was pretty busy juggling her life in Jakarta, she rarely had time to do things that she loves to do. She missed her life back home with her family and friends where she can do what she loves.

In 2014 she married Scott R. Lafoon, and moved to Frederick, Maryland. Moving to America didn’t reduce her love of Batak culture, especially its music. She even found herself proud of her ancestral lands and the culture of Batak, even more than before.

Living in America is not what she thought it would be. Berta found a community of Batak people who share the same love to Batak culture, and this is why she gladly join this organization, SAROHA, out of her love to her wonderful culture. Never thought that she would feel like home, while she is away from her home country.