Saroha USA

Andri Sianipar is one of the founders of Saroha Inc.  His desire of introducing Batak & Indonesian Art and Culture along with humanitarian program is what drove Andri to participate in establishment of Saroha

 Andri has lived in the US since 1993, he moved into Northern Virginia after finishing his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Wisconsin and currently work as Vice President – Global Hosting Operations for Century Link, third largest telecommunication company in the United States.  Andri married Neninta Hutabarat in August 2000, they live in Lorton Virginia with their 2 beloved sons, Nathaniel Sianipar and Amos Sianipar.  Neninta works in the World Bank Group Treasury Department.

“The most precious heritage we can give to our children is love and knowledge of our Ethnic Culture” is advice by Andri & Neninta parents, one of several that became a motto in their heart and mind.  This is the reason Andri has been involved in social and cultural community activities in Washington DMV area, including serving as Head of the Batak Ethnic Community Group during 2006 – 2010. 

“Do Today What You can do Tomorrow” is a mind-set that Andri and Neninta have, both of them views Saroha as an engine of not only to sustain art & culture for generations to come, but also to introduce and popularize this rich-unique culture, people and land of Batak to Americans.  

Andri Sianipar